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Super-charged DeFi assets built on Algorand

Silo DeFi.

Silo picks up where TEAL leaves off, providing next-gen DeFi vaults and strategies for intelligent traders and institutions with Algorand exposure.

Algorand Strategy Vaults

Pick a Strategy

Silo Protocol V1 gives you two strategies: Call Contract and Put Contract. Vault Algo or Algorand ASAs and mint the contract token (SILO) for your strategy of choice.

Mint calls when you think it's going down. Mint puts when you think it's going up.

Provide Collateral

SILO contract tokens can only be minted after collateral has been deposited into the vault contract. SILO tokens are issued 1/1 for vaulted collateral.

Collateral must be deposited in either Algo/ASA or USDC stable respectively.

Make a Market

Silo does not provide market making with strategy vaults. It is entirely up to each individual protocol user to determine if, when, and how markets are made.

Similar to a DEX liquidity provision, LP providers maintain SILO strategy pools.

Collect Premium

Silo Protocol users collect premium/fees in three ways: 1. The direct sale of SILO tokens to an end buyer. 2. Liquidity provision for SILO pools. 3. Contract execution fees if sold SILO tokens are redeemed before expiration.

Smart Contract Architecture

Architecture diagram

Everything Coming to Silo V1/V2 Algo Roadmap


Silo will conduct significant governance votes/ initiate governance periods on an ongoing basis. The first governance period is set to begin 4 weeks after Silo launches on Algorand mainnet.

Enterprise-grade APIs

Silo is implementing connectivity for enterprise/institutional access to the protocol via APIs and supported wallets/whitelists.


Strategies play an important role in Silo. As the protocol progresses, the role of strategies will expand. Strategies can be created by users, by the protocol, or by governance vote.

Integrations/3rd-party dapps

In addition to the core protocol interface, Silo will actively work to support 3rd-party integration of Silo's underlying technology. DEXs, analytics platforms, and layer-2 protocols will all be integrated with Silo.

Strategy AMM

Silo V2 will see the arrival of Silo AMM, a Black-Scholes automated-marketmaker designed from the ground up for Algorand hedging strategies and DeFi derivatives. Silo AMM is +50% complete.

Position Tracking

Robust portfolio analytics will be a key feature of Silo. Elements of Silo Protocol's position tracking toolkit will include P/L charts, Greeks, and much more.


Strategy protocols require unique considerations from DEXs and analytics platforms. Here are a few platforms that support basic SILO integration.